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Lighting of the Sails 2023
Life Enlivened by John Olsen and Curiious

Vivid 2023 saw the Sydney Opera House Sails lit up in celebration of the work of John Olsen from across his six decade career. In collaboration with Curiious, Christian Heinrich lead a small team of 2D animators that is; Jelena Sinik, Jonathan Nix, Amy Bell and Nicolette Axiak in creating what became a beautiful tribute to one of Australia's most gifted and accomplished artists. 

Nicolette specialised in created 2D animation for the sequence Salute to Slessor’s 5 Bells (1971-73); Olsen's iconic mural, commissioned for the Concert Hall Northern Foyer of the Opera House and unveiled with its opening in 1973. 

(Nicolette's work can be viewed from 10:20 in the linked video above)


Michelle Schuberg

Director of Operations
Karen Arkell

Executive Creative Director
Fabio Nardo

Senior Producer
Jo Yates

Creative Director
Christian J Heinrich

Lead Artist
Christian J Heinrich

CG | Unreal Engine Artist
Brad Allen

Jelena Sinik

Jonathan Nix

Nicolette Axiak

Amy Bell

Chief Technology Office
Phil Sullivan

Touchdesigner Dev
Boris Bagattini

Soundtrack Composition
Edwin Montgomery

Soundtrack Composition
William Barton

Simon Ferenci

Glenn Wilson

with special thanks to
Tim Olsen
Kylie Norton

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