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Design competitions

Picture Willoughby Photo Editing Competition 2021

'Genre Confusion'

Outcome: First Prize

Willoughby City Council's annual photo editing competition sees arts reinterpreting archival images, ensuing a new narrative.


In this one, a group of school girls surrender their "racquets" to make "rackets".


All finalists can be seen here.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 4.36.45 pm.png

Wraptious - Design a tea towel competition


Outcome: Special mention

The tessellating birds adorn fill the space of this tea towel which was briefly made available for purchase on the Wraptious website.


Over 500 designs were submitted were submitted where this was one of 10 to receive a special acknowledgement.

Outfield copy.png

World Ski and Snowboard Festival Top Sheet Design Competition

'The Outfield'

Outcome: Finalist

This sci-fi themed ski design was selected as a finalist for the WSSF Top Sheet Design Competition. 


Liquitex Sneaker Design Competition

'Donnie Shoe'

Nicolette's dedicates this one to Donnie, her two year old nephew who's shoes she "borrowed" to make this happen. He's a happy and curious boy who loves nature, particularly animals.


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