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Forever or for Now?

The 2019-20 Australian bushfires lasted 79 days.


Forever or for Now? is a contemplative, tactile stop-motion piece that distorts the experience of time as it reflects on moments from the seemingly never-ending fires. The multi-frame film casts a glimpse into the environmental devastation caused to urban and rural life whilst celebrating the hopefulness of the rare pink flannel flower that emerged exactly one year later.


This traditional handmade animation was made sustainably by painting on repurposed old acetate cels. Each frame transformed the old plastic into artwork.

This film was made in collaboration with Jelena Sinik.

Awards and Exhibitions:

First place, Gosford Art Prize 2021

Gosford Regional Gallery

Finalist, Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2022

South Australian Museum

Finalist, Northern Beaches Environmental Art Prize 2021

Manly Art Gallery and Museum

Finalist, frankie good stuff awards 2021

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