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101 Days of Lockdown

An animated film by Jelena Sinik & Nicolette Axiak

101 Days of Lockdown is an experimental exploration into the mundane and domestic moments of aloneness that made up the human experience of the 2021 Australian pandemic lockdowns. The split screen film follows the lives of two best friends, 40km apart and on opposite sides of Sydney.


The unique format of one second of animation per day, creates a social document of the moods and moments that constituted both the similarities and differences of life in the Western and Eastern Suburbs during this strange time.

Directed by Jelena Sinik, these daily observations place two cultures side-by-side, highlighting the ways in which each artist navigated life while bound by the restrictions of their region.

101 Days of Lockdown is an animated documentary, designed with a highly rendered rotoscoped style so that suburban Australians who resonate with the experience can find familiarity from within the narrative.

This film has been cut for both cinematic and gallery exhibition.

Art Prizes:


The 47th Rio Tinto & QAL Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards 2022 - First Place in the Digital Works Category

Incinerator Art Award: Art for Social Change 2022​ - Finalist

Gosford Art Prize 2022 - Finalist

Film Festivals:

Awards & Nominations

Capricorn Film Festival 2023 - Best Experimental Film

Canberra Short Film Festival 2022 - Best Experimental Film, National Category

ATOM Awards 2022 - Finalist for Best Experimental Film and Best Animation

AltFF Alternative Film Festival 2022 (Canada) - Best Experimental International, Super Short Category - Nominee

Vision Feast Film Festival 2023- Finalist - Best Animation (New Zealand)

SIPFEST Gold Coast Film Festival 2023 - Finalist

Inner West Film Festival 2023,  Runner-up Award, Short Film Showcase

Official Selections

Revelation Film Festival 2023

St Kilda Film Festival 2023

Sydney Underground Film Festival 2022

Adelaide Film Festival 2022

Canberra Short Film Festival 2022

Sunderland Shorts Film Festival 2023

VAF Viborg International Animation Festival 2023 (Denmark)

Byron Bay Underground Film Festival 2022

One Eye Film Festival 2022 (Dubbo)

Luminous Frames 2023 (Denmark, Georgia, Armenia)

Stockholm City Film Festival 2022 (Sweden)

Tatsuno International Film Festival 2022 (Japan)

Australian International Animation Festival 2022

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